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A-1 Pest Control Services is accredited with the BBB and responds to pest emergencies in the greater Grand Rapids region. Our services have been extended to homes, apartments, condos, restaurants and office blocks. As experts, we know that pests pose a health risk to the occupants. We also know that is possible to face a code violation typically enforced by the local health departments and the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development, which may lead to your establishment either being closed down or even the license being revoked. If this were to happen, your business will suffer. Not only will you lose customers but your brand will lose face. Even if you were to re-open, it will be difficult to gain the trust of customers. You can prevent all this by calling us today.

Our mission

To exterminate every pest in your home and commercial property providing you with peace of mind.

Our commitment

Our experts specialize in eradicating insects in both residential and commercial settings. You can rest assured that they are knowledgeable about pests, their breeding habits and how they infest your home or office. When called upon to exterminate pests at your property, we respond in a timely manner. The first step will involve the inspection of your property, both the interior and surroundings. This inspection is carried out to identify the type(s) of pest(s), where their nests are and their entry points into your home. Our experts will normally identify the type of pest by looking for the nest in the case of ants, bees, wasps and termites.

Once identified, you will be informed of the findings. As the best pest control business, we offer monthly contracts that are priced reasonably. If you are in agreement with the contract, our experts will proceed with the extermination process. They will start by tailoring a solution according to your plan, your environment and the type of pest(s) infesting your home. You will be asked to stay away from your home for a few hours to ensure the safety of your family. Safety equipment will be put on to prevent the chemicals from coming into contact with the skin. The extermination process will begin and end with the inspection of the whole area to ensure no nests are left.

Our vision

As a second generation family owned business, our goal is customer satisfaction. We know how important the health of your family is. That is why we implement long term solutions that eliminate the chances of re-infestation. Our experts are trained and licensed. This has given them the mandate to execute pest eradication solutions in residential and commercial properties. They are insured, protecting you from any liability.

As experts, we conduct ourselves at the work site with professionalism. We are here to eliminate the nuisance that is causing sleepless nights and property damage. From the moment we step in your home, it’s all business. Proper solutions will be put in place to ensure your home is pest free.

Our values

With over 40 years of collective experience in the pest control industry, our employees have operated with the same values since the beginning.

Quality services
A-1 Pest Control Services offers only quality services. Our experts can exterminate ants, bed bugs, termites, stink bugs, lady bugs, bees, and wasps. Not only in your home but local commercial properties including restaurants, office blocks and hotels. This has enabled us to build a loyal client base that trusts in the A-1 Pest Control Services brand.

Our pest control experts are trained on all safety measures. We have invested in equipment that helps to protect your home, your office and family from destructive/invasive pests.

We always treat our customers and staff with utmost respect, trust and professionalism.

Trust in our brand and pest control experts to provide you with high quality services. This results in you having a pest free environment and peace of mind.

These are the values that have driven A-1 Pest Control Services to become the best pest control business in the Grand Rapids area. Our work is never complete until you are happy.

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