Mouse & Rat Removal

Mouse & Rat Removal

We’ve got your licensed solution to mouse & rat removal this season!  We know first hand how pesky it can be to have mice or rats invade your home.  For our mice & rat removal, we offer a two-treatment solution to evict these unwanted guests.

The first treatment involves placing 4-5 (depending on home size) tamper-proof mouse traps, each containing 4 pieces of block bait.  The effectiveness of using block bait is unparalleled due to the fact that block bait contains bird seed.  The bird seed actually draws mice into the baits, as opposed to store purchased mouse traps where the mice have to be practically starving to eat the bait.

Another advantage to using these baits is that you are able to remove the dead mice and rats from the home, whereas with store-purchased poisons and traps you will almost always deal with mice wandering around until they are dehydrated to death and then dying in your walls, attic or storage space.

We also offer large tamper-proof boxes, made specifically for the outdoors.  These powerhouse traps are used as outdoor protection to provide a barrier to the dwelling, and contain 8 pieces of bait.

Approximately 8-10 days later, we return to check and refill all the bait boxes, check the traps to get a body count and remove the dead mice or rats from the dwelling. At this point the customer has the option to continue monitoring the traps.

Our mouse & rat removal method usually provides approximately 1-2 years of coverage due to amount of bait (16-20 pieces) our traps contain.  We also walk the perimeter of the residence to determine access points for the mice, and if it turns out to be a smaller entry point we will add steel wool or neoprene caulk at no extra charge.  If it is a larger entry point we will make suggestions for mechanical means of sealing any entry points.

You will find that a lot of pest control companies will charge a smaller fee, but will make that fee a residual/on-going cost.  We charge appropriately so that our customers can go approximately 1-2 years without having to deal with this concern again.

Our mouse & rat removal service cost ranges from $195-$275 depending on the size of the home.  After the second treatment, customers can call back for a refill of A2 treatment for $85.

Commercial Pest Control
Commercial Pest Control

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