Residential Pest Control

From single family homes to townhouses, A-1 Pest Control Services is prepared to tackle all pests infesting your home. Our local technicians are experienced and posses in-depth knowledge of rodents, bees, stink bugs, possums, raccoons, termites, bed bugs and mosquitoes. We don’t provide an all-in-one solution for all pests. We tailor our solutions according to the pest(s) infesting your home.


When you contact us for a pest emergency at your home, our experts will arrive according to an agreed upon scheduled time. They will start by inspecting your home looking for the pest’s nest. Once they have identified the pests, you will be politely advised to leave your home and take your family. This is done to ensure that your family is not exposed to the chemicals.


Our experts will use family safe equipment and solutions to remove the pests. Finally, all entry points used by the pests will be sealed preventing any infestation. To serve you better, we have created bi-monthly plans which are reasonably priced giving you peace of mind.


Have you seen a mouse running along the wall or rat droppings on your floor? Call us today! We are always prepared for the worst pests.